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If your business operates more than two computers, odds are you require some type of network support. From Wide Area Networks (WANs) to Local Area Networks (LANs), Keystone Consulting Group provides a full assortment of service and support to handle all types of operating platforms. If your business is just searching for assistance when your network fails, if equipment installation is required, or just the right advice to guide your company's IT needs, Keystone Consulting Group is here for you! Our knowledgeable staff understands that network platforms and applications require high levels of interoperability, availability, and reliability, which allows them to offer the design consulting services that you need to make the right decision for your business.

We assist our clients with scalable and timely solutions based upon technologies from Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, Dell, Veritas, Norton and others that provide secure and stable platforms to run their businesses. These platforms become the backbone of your company's website, employee and customer portals, and enterprise systems that your business relies upon each and every day. By combining these proven technologies with Keystone Consulting Group's seasoned IT analyst, our clients continually reduce their total cost of ownership and increase their security while reducing their downtime risks.