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Is outsourcing your answer? Look no further.

Our resources provide you with highly educated options for your networking and accounting needs.
Led by a seasoned team of professionals with hands-on experience, this group has installed and implemented accounting software in thousands of companies in a wide variety of industries. As a result of this exposure, our breadth of knowledge and experience is invaluable when it comes to understanding and anticipating client needs for the various levels of accounting and management reporting.
Need to outsource accounting? Have us do it. We have the experience and knowledge to help keep our clients' chart of accounts and ledgers clean and orderly and provide reports upon request.
Responding to clients' needs and demands, we have uncovered a real need for clients to not only print the payroll checks and process the tax reports, but to also import the payroll data into their accounting system seamlessly and categorized in a relevant way. This service manages your employee hours by the job and actibity on a daily bases. This data is then used to produce paychecks and create the journal entries in the Plus & Minus format allocated by job and department. All payroll tax reports are prepared for you to file. The service provides an additional benefit of unlimited online access to your payroll information without additional charges. This allows the user to create additional reports or queries at any time. We currently process payroll weekly for companies from 5 to 500 employees.
The success of your business depends on the functionality and availability of the information network. Keystone Consulting Group provides a full range of network architecture and design consulting services ranging from Local Area Networks (LANs) to Wide Area Networks (WANs). These applications and platforms require high levels of interoperability, availability, and reliability. Applications that run on the local area networks are becoming just as critical as those found on mainframe systems. Our engineers can help you choose the right equipment, install and properly configure your system, and provide support as your company grows.
Custom Programming
Everyone and every company has tasks that are repetitious, whether it be something done on a daily basis or at month-end. We have the tools to help you and your company automate these tasks to free up your personnel's time. Keystone Consulting Group specializes in writing custom applications that work seamlessly with Plus and Minus. Whether it's taking data from a mainframe and massaging it into the accounting system or posting daily reports to the web, we can handle the job.