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Plus & Minus Accounting Software is the most revolutionary accounting software ever to hit the software accounting market. Plus & Minus is the only Single File Design business accounting software available today and the fastest and most powerful accounting software on the market anywhere.

Unlike other modular or multi-file accounting software, which is merely a computerized version of the old manual systems that have been in use for hundreds of years, Plus & Minus provides a completely new standard for how PC based accounting systems should operate.

Plus & Minus's Single File Design solves one of the most significant problems that has always plagued business accounting: how to separate the transaction and reporting functions in an accounting system. With Plus & Minus, transactions and reporting are completely time independent.

Single File accounting systems do not recognize the normal closing concept. The system is up all the time, and it does not have to be formally closed. For reporting purposes though, the books can be closed or examined at any time simply by specifying the desired time period of the report. Plus & Minus allows the entry and reporting steps to function independently of each other. Single File Design gives you the simplicity of entry-level based accounting systems with more power than the leading middle tier accounting solutions.

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